First and foremost, I am a mother and wife above all else. When my daughter was around 3 is when my hubby bought my first DSLR from Best Buy and that's kinda how I got into photography. I would take photos of her all the time, and looking back, those are definitely some of my most cherished photos. After I had my son, that really lit a fire in my to start my own business of somesort. I knew I never wanted to go back working for corporate, so I decided to take leap of faith in my photography. It was the peak of the pandemic, so we were of course, home 24/7. I decided to invest in a photography mentorship - which was probably the best decision I made to help jumpstart this new career. 

My Why

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Born and raised in Hawai'i all my life, I'm an island girl thru and thru. One thing about me is I love love. I love love stories, I love capturing love & I am definitely a hopeless romantic at heart. Just to catch you up if you're new here: I'm crazy about my husband Zack, and together we have 2 beautiful keiki and 2 rascal dogs. I'm a country girl at heart who loves the beach, good food and great company. Saved by Jesus, loves sushi, and highly over-caffeinated 90% of the time.

I've been photographing couples for the past 4 years and I absolutely love it so much. I get to photograph the most beautiful people in the most beautiful place on earth, sometimes I don't even believe this is my life. Being able to document these milestones that mean something, that's such an honor and I will forever be grateful. And in return, my hope is that you're ready to be emotionally vulnerable so together we can create magic.

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I'm ready to book