Born and raised in Hawai'i pretty much all my life minus the 2 years I went to CO for college, you could say that I love my home. One thing about me is I love love. I love love stories, I love capturing love & I am definitely a hopeless romantic at heart. Just to catch you up if you're new here: I'm crazy about my husband Zack, and together we have 2 beautiful keiki and 2 rascal dogs. I'm a country girl at heart who loves the beach, good food and great company. Saved by Jesus, loves sushi, and highly over-caffeinated 90% of the time.

Photography was something that I've always loved. I've probably gone through hundreds of disposable cameras back in highschool. When I became a mom, that's when I really started to take more interest in documenting moments. Nothing makes you want to freeze time more than witnessing your kids grow up right before your eyes. Having my son made me realize that I wanted to find a career that I could have full control of my own schedule, and not be chained to a employer that could easily replace me. Now, I get to document some of life's most precious moments for people all over the world. Being a photojournalist of life's love stories, and I have God to thank for making the way.

Things that bring me joy

⋒ When my kids love on each other
⋒ The perfect song on shuffle
⋒ The smell of a newborn baby
⋒ Fellowshipping with other believers
⋒ Flowers & heartfelt cards
⋒ Beach days with prime weather
⋒ Finishing a good book
⋒ Praise & worship on car rides
⋒ Lifting weights
⋒ Good food with great company
⋒ Laughing all night with my hubby

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"Lina is amazing! The original photographer we booked cancelled the day of our wedding and of course I was in a bit of a panic however Lina stepped in and put our minds at ease instantly. She absolutely crushed it! She gave us fantastic direction for posed photos and also captured beautiful natural shots as we were enjoying our day. Anyone who’s seen are photos has been absolutely blown away. She is also down to earth, sweet, kind and has a great sense of humor, trust me, you want her around to capture your most special day"


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